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The Hens

In order to be more self-supporting and to show that anyone can create a small food sustaining adventure in their own backyards, the farm naturally had to have chickens.  Much research was done into the different breeds of hens and the eggs they lay.   The farm needed certain criteria to be met and the criteria were the following:

  • The hens needed to be the type that were good at confinment as well as free-range.
  • The hens needed to be docile in nature due to children who would be learning the responibility of caring for, collecting, and feeding the chickens.
  • The hens needed to be winter hardy and summer smart.


The Coop

Even though the farm initally desire the hens to be able to be free-range, consideration was given to the other animals on the farm and how they may react or response to free chickens for not all animals can handle roaming creatures about.  Therefore a chicken coop was required.

Of course, the coop needed to be racoon and coyote proof, as well as, easy enough for a child to collect eggs and feed the hens. 


Our Chicken Breeds

Below is the list of breeds currently established on the farm.

Display # 
Buff Orpington