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History of the Family

The ancestry of the residents of Old Oak Estate Farm primarly attains itself from the northeast region of France, called Alsace, beginning at the small quiet village of Offwiller.  There, a family with the surname of Breysach resided.  The Briesacher (Breysach) Lineage is the main genealogy line for it was this line that kept the farm (Old Oak Estate Farm) in the family for over a century and a half. 


After the Briesachers immgrated to America, they married with the families of the Vollmer, Fischer, Oldendorf, Hatfield, and others.  The Vollmer/Fullmer Lineage was the most active with the Briesacher Lineage.  On two separate occasions a Briesacher married a Vollmer and in the same direct line (grandfather & grandson). 

Vollmers Lineage, as currently known, had its beginning in Germany when Peter Fullmer married Eve (surname unknown) before they immgrated to American.  The Vollmer surname, it is believed, was originally Fullmer, thus a few of the descendants preferred the used of Fullmer surname and not that of Vollmer.

The last Briesacher/Vollmer marriage was when Clarence Briesacher married Virginia Vollmer on the 20th day of November 1940, which happened to be Virginia's parents 25th wedding anniversary.  Her father was William Vollmer and her mother was Mamie Moyle of the Moyle Lineage.  Thus there were two cakes that day.   Clarence and Virginia had two daughters, Patricia Ann and Kay Marie, to which end that line of the Briesacher surname.

Patricia Briesacher married Robert Hayes, from the Irish Hayes Lineage, on 27 July 1963 at Scott AFB in Illinois. Robert was a descendant from Paul and Mary (Downey) Hayes from County Limerick in Ireland, who married in the early 1800s. Their son Thomas and his new bride, Margaret (Frawley) left for America a few days after they were married on 12 April 1861. They settled in Black Hawk County, Iowa and there raised a family and had many descendants. Robert and Patricia (Briesacher) had two chldren, Michael and Christina. Christina later married Richard Schmidt of Hamel, Illinois in 1991.

On 10 October 2003, Michael Hayes, son of Robert and Patricia, married Gisela Borawski of the Borawski Lineage in Belleville, Illinois. From this union they had a daughter, born in 2005. Michael, also had two daughters from a previous marriage, born in 1991 and 1992. 

*This genealogy database has been a labor of love for Mrs. Gisela Borawski-Hayes, the farm's current resident, and incorporates the work of many hours of research, hunting, mailing & emailing, and expending funds for information.  However, she could have not done it alone if is was not for the help and generosity of distant cousins and family members from France, Poland, England, and within this great United States.   Old Oak Estate Farm Genealogy Database is a quality database in which is an complete record, to date, on the anestors of the residents of Old Oak Estate Farm.