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Hayes Lineage


Old Oak Estate Farm's ancestral Hayes lineage starts in the beautiful Limerick County in Ireland at the beginning of the 19th Century.  County Limerick is located on the western south side of Ireland in the province of Munster. The county has a long history and it's highlights can be read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County_Limerick.  

Generation 1


 The Hayes have a long history of being Catholic and County Limerick saw a long period (late 1700s and most of the 1800s) of Catholic persecution from the rest of Ireland.  Most of the Catholics lived in poverty.  Thus, this is the era in which a son, by the name of Paul Hayes, was born.  His birth year is estimated to be sometime in the first decade of the 1800s and the town in which he was born is unknown.  Unknown, also to us, are his parents, but perhaps clues can be found in the names of his children or perhaps his father is one of the men listed above who are buried at the Rathkeale Cemetery. (see photos left)

Since poverty cannot stop the union of marriage, sometime in the third decade (1830s), at an unknown place, Paul Hayes married Mary Downey in County Limmerick, Ireland.  Now, Mary Downey was born in County Limerick at a place unknown but we have her birth year being that of 1811.  Like Paul, her parentage is unknown.  She was most likely Catholic, as well, and from a poverished family, but this is all a guess.  Paul, being a farmer, died in County Limerick, Ireland leaving his widow and children. He is buried at the Limerick Cemetery.  Later, Mary traveled with her children to America in 1861 at the age of 50 years and she never married again. She died 7 April 1885 in Black Hawk County, Iowa and she was laid to rest in the Hayes family burial plot at Immaculate Conception Church cemetery in Blessing, Black Hawk County, Iowa.  Her gravestone simply reads "Mother".

*It is to be noted that Paul, Mary, and their children lived through the Great Famine (Gorta Mor) that ravished Ireland between 1845-1852.  This Gorta Mor is known to us as The Great Potatoe Famine.

These are the children of Paul and Mary (Downey) Hayes:

  • Edmond Hayes married Hannah Condon
  • Michael Hayes (no wife or children known)
  • John Hayes
  • Mary Hayes married ? Smouse in Rockford, IL
  • Thomas J. Hayes, Sr. married Margaret Frawley - (our linege)
  • Edward Hayes married Joanna
  • Maraget Hayes (daughter) married John Barrett in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Moved to Rockford, IL



Generation 2


On 11 May 1836 in Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland, Thomas J. Hayes was born to Paul and Mary.  Not much is known of his youth but at sometime in his life he lived in the village of Croagh.  For it is from this town that Thomas Hayes, on 12 April 1861, married Margaret Frawley at St. Mary's Church in Rathkeale, County Limmerick, Ireland.   Margaret Frawley was born on 15 May 1837 in Rathkeale, also.  Margaret's parentage is unknown.  A few days after Thomas and Margaret were united in marriage they left for America.

Thomas' mother Mary (Downey) Hayes joined them on their journey to America as well as, maybe, another brother and sister.  One can suppose that it was quite important to Thomas and Margaret to be married right before leaving for America.  It seems he didn't want to leave without her.

Exterior of St Mary's Church in Rathkeale, Ireland

 Interior of St Mary's Church in Rathkeale, Ireland - with the HayesSt. Mary's Church in Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland. Photogragh in July 2014 inside St. Mary's from left to right are: Jennifer Hayes, Monica Hayes, Ava Hayes, Gisela Borawski-Hayes, and Michael Hayes.





Thomas Hayes died 7 November 1929 in Buckingham, Tama County, Iowa.  Margaret (Frawley) Hayes died 22 November 1907 (or 1905) in Iowa.  Both Thomas and Margaret are buried together at the Hayes family burial plot at Immaculate Conception Church cemetery in Blessing, Black Hawk County, Iowa.

These are the children of Thomas and Margaret (Frawley) Hayes:

  • Margaret Agnes Hayes
  • John Francis Hayes, Sr - (our lineage)
  • Thomas J. Hayes, Jr.
  • Edward Patrick Hayes
  • William Hayes
  • Margaret "Mamie" Hayes

Generation 3


John-Hayes-Ellen-McBride-Wedding-1890Thomas and Margaret (Frawley) Hayes' second child and first son, John F. Hayes, continues our lineage.  John was born in Rockford, Illinois on 23 June 1865.  Not much is known of his youth or occupation.  However, sometime prior to to 1890 he and his family moved to Buckingham, Tama County, Iowa.

It was in Buckingham that John met a Ellen McBride and they were married on 5 February 1890 (picture on right).  They were unite in marriage at the Immaculate Conception Church in Blessing, Black Hawk County, Iowa.  From this union seven children were born.

Ellen McBride was born on 24 October 1864/65 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia to Thomas (born 1835 in Ireland) and Sarah (born 1835 in Ireland) McBride.  She was sister to William (born 1862 in Campbellsport, Wisconsin), John (born 1869 in Hampton, Iowa), and Jane (born 1874 in Illinois).  In the 1880 U.S. Federal Census the McBride family lived in Buckingham, Tama County, Iowa.

These are the children of John and Ellen (McBride) Hayes:

  • Clara Hayes
  • Marguerite Sarah Hayes
  • Louise Hayes
  • John Francis. Hayes, Jr.
  • Thomas LeRoy Hayes
  • Edward Leo Hayes - (our lineage)
  • Catherine M. Hayes

John died 1 January 1949  and Ellen died on 24 March 1938.  Both are buried at the Hayes Family plot at the Immaculate Conception Church in Blessings, Black Hawk County, Iowa.



Generation 4



John and Ellen's last son, Edward Leo Hayes married Agnella Marie Striegel on 8 February, 1918 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa.  From this union five children were born. 

John was born 28 January 1901 in Iowa. Agnella was the daughter of Bernard and Lucy (nee Young) Streigel.  She was born 5 August 1903 in Iowa.



These are the children of Edward and Agnella (Striegel) Hayes:

  • Betty Hayes married Gene Kelly
  • Paul Hayes
  • Jim Hayes married Kathleen Boesen
  • Robert "Bob" Hayes married Patrica Briesacher (our lineage)
  • Mary Ann Hayes married Lawerence "Laurie" Bernauer




Generation 5

Their youngest son, Robert "Bob" Hayes,  married Patricia Briesacher, daughter of Clarence and Virginia (Vollmer) Briesacher, and they had two children Michael and Christina. 



Generation 6

Michael Hayes is the current owner of the Old Oak Estate Farm and is married to Gisela Borawki-Hayes.




*A special Irish thank you goes to Mary Kelly who is the first cousin to Michael Hayes, the current own of Old Oak Estate Farm, for the Hayes ancestral data, including the photographs.  Her generosity is appreciate for sharing her hardwork with us.  All photographs are copyrighted  with Mary Kelly and may not be use without her permission.  Please visit her website at Kelly/Hayes Family Archives at http://www.uky.edu/~mkelly/family/archiveshayes.html and Mary Kelly's Rootweb family lineage at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=REG&db=:2498508&id=I527119628.



Hayes buried in Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland:

HAYES. Erected By Mary Hayes Power In Memory of her Dear Uncle Stephen Hayes who depd This life May 9th 1856 Aged 63 Years Also In memory of Her Beloved Father John Hayes Who depd this life July 10th 1837 Aged 47 Years and In memory of Her Fond Brother John Hayes Who depd this life July 19th 1846 Aged 24 Years.

HAYES. This stone was erecd by John Hayes in memy of his son James Hayes who depd this life June 2d 1801 Aged 21 Years A graceful youth with the love of God inspired His Maker's throne with ardent wish desired His Father Mother Sister and brothers all with heartfelt Grief lament the untimely Fall Of a hopeful Branch with great Perfection blessed May God console his friends grant his Rest John Hayes Snr depd May 13th 1811 aged 60 Yrs.

HAYES. Erected by Mrs Catherine Hayes In the memy of her Husband Michael Hayes Who depd life in the year 1848 Aged 68 years Also her Daughter Ellen Roche alias Hayes Who depd life in the year 1859 Aged 48 Years May the rest in peace. Amen.