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Old Oak Estate Farm is a member and supports the following societies. We hope that they can be supported by you as well.  Not only do we tilth to our church but we also used a portion of what God has blessed us with to support these non-profit societies to add to thr tresasures of our mind and communities.  Sometimes the support is financial and sometimes the support is our time. 


JASNA-St Louis supported by Old Oak Estate Farm

Jane Austen Society of North America and JASNA-St. Louis Chapter

Jane Austen Society of North America and it's St. Louis Chapter is support by Gisela Borawski-Hayes whos love of Jane Austen started when she was just sixteen years old.  The St. Louis Metropolitain Region of JASNA hosts several events throughout the year as well as finding speakers to talk endlessly aobut Jane Austen, her world, and her novels.

North American Blue Society supported by Old Oak Estate Farm

North American Bluebird Society

You can learn about the different species of bluebirds, how to attract and care for them, download educational materials and last but not least, join their conservation efforts by becoming a member.   Old Oak Estate Farm is currently in the process of becoming an official Eastern Bluebird trail with our Old Oak Estate Farm Bolden Bluebird Trail.