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Briesacher (Breysach) Lineage


The Briesacher (Breysach) Lineage is the main genealogy line for it was this line that kept the farm (Old Oak Estate Farm) in the family for over a century and a half.  

Born into the family was a son named Johann Breysach, who was born 27th day of September in 1717 and according to records was christened the same day (6th Prairial in the 11th year of the Republic).


Johann Breysach grew into the occupation of "schneider" (tailor) and he was of Lutheran faith.  He found Catharina Fischbach to be his wife (after the passing of his first wife) and they resided in Offwiller, Alsace, France.  Catharina Fischbach was born on 10th day of January in 1742 in Menchhoffen, Alsace, France and was baptized on the 13th day of the same month and year.  Her parents are currently unknown.  She died the 14th day of June 1799 (26 Prairial in the 7th year of the Republic) in Offwiller.  However, she and Johann had a son whom they named Johann Briesacher.

Johann (Johannes) Briesacher was born on 5th of November 1775, was christened on the 8th of November the same year.  Not much is known about his growing years but on the 2nd of March in 1803 he married Christina Kopp in Offwiller.  Christina Kopp was the daughter of Georg Kopp, who was the son of Johann Kopp (Ackermann in Eckendorf -  a village in Lower Alsace now the the Departement of Bas Rhin, who built another village "Altdorf" and thus became "Alteckendorf").  Christina's father, Georg Kopp, was a worker at Hattmatt (another village in Lower Alsace). Georg married Christina Sohn in Offwiller. Christina Sohn, who was born 10th day of June in 1747 and baptized on the 13th day of the same month and year, was the daughter of Johann Niclaus Sohn, a cooper, and Anna Catharina Zill, both of which were of the Lutheran faith.

Johannes Briesacher and his wife, Christina Kopp, resided  at #7, #8, and #9 on Rue de Minueurs in Offwiller and in those houses were born 7 children, all sons.  Johannes was a tailor (schneider) in Offwiller, like his father, and Christina was a housekeeper, like her mother.  Their sons were, in order: Johann, Johann Georg, Johann Heinrich, Jacob (infant death), Jacob (toddler death), Philip, and Frederich.

In 1828, the family left Offwiller and traveling by ship arrived in New York.  Just two weeks later in a cover wagon, they arrived in St. Clair County, Illinois which itself started as a french fur trading post. By 1832, the sons of Johannes & Christina Briesacher had settled in the following towns in St. Clair County: Centerville, which is currently the charming town of Millstadt; Georgetown, which is currently the town of Smithton; Belleville Praire, which was annexed by the township of Smithton. The later, Belleville Prairie, is where Old Oak Estate Farm is located. One Briesacher son settled in Ashley which is located in Washington County, Illinios.


* All of the information above was a kind courtesy of Philip Brachet of Strasbourg, France and Les Amis du Musée d'Offwiller.  Both, freely shared the history, genealogy, and the lifestyle that the Briesachers would have lived while they lived in Offwiller.  Always gratitude to them for sharing.