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The Horsehouse


Welcome to the beautiful and idealic Horsehouse on Old Oak Estate Farm. Through the stewardship of the Hayes, the beautiful pasture, paddock, and shedrow are maintained at its upmost. The area was chosen for all the beauty and openness that the 30 acre farm could afford to give.  It an ideal place for horses to feel open yet secure and their owners to feel peace and comfort knowing that their horse(s) are in a safe and horse focus environment.

The Pasture

OTTB Cleaning House at pasture at Old Oak Estate FarmThe pasture is ideally situated on top of a hill and offers a 360 degrees of open farmland viewing.  The openness of the surrounding scenery makes the pasture a breezy one.  The seeding for the pasture was intently researched and hand selected & mixed to feature the best of equine grasses such as rye grasses, white clover, timothy, and Kentucky bluegrass. The owner, Gisela Borawski-Hayes, is proficient in the weeds that can threaten the beauty and health of the pasture and, therefore, commonly walks it, pulling up the weeds and ridding it of such dangers.

With views of the prairieland (south), the gravel lane (north), the rising Sun (east) and the Guesthouse (west), the pastureland covers four acres and posesses some of the most beautiful views in the area that a horse could enjoy.

The pasture fencing is one of the safest equine fencing that one can install. Manufactured to specific strength and safety standards by Centaur Fencing, the fencing is patented to give the utmost flexibly to playful and frolicking horses yet be so safe as not to cause any injury should a horse run into it. The fence is constructed of a 4" top Flex Rail and four rows of PolyPlus strands to create and safe but more open feel for the horses.




The Shedrow & Paddock

Inside one of the stalls at the HorsehouseThe Horsehouse shedow is a 12' x 32' tightly constructed shelter of pine and plywood. Constructed by Countryside in the north of Illinois.  The Horsehouse was stained to match the owners chestnut Thoroughbred and the black Centaur fencing. 

There are only two stalls at present and those are 12' x 12' and non-skid rubber mats as flooring are installed. Each stall features three windows for maximum air flow and horse viewing, corner water buckets, an overhead storage attic, and are beautifully stained & stenciled to reflex the beauty that exist in every horse.

Between the stalls is the feed room for hay, grain, and tack.  From the feed room each stall can be access for feeding and watering during inclement weather.  There is, also, and small attic above the feed home for extra storage.

The paddock, itself, is a multi-dimensional creation that is constructed of an non-woven underliner and three tons of p-gravel.  The underliner allows water to pass through while keeping the underneath mud from rising and mixing with the p-gravel therefore producing an all weather turnout area, not to mention the protection it creates for horse hooves from thrush due to wet and muddy grounds.  Not only is the p-gravel a great benefit to buffing and strengthen hooves but horses love to roll and massage their bodies in it.

The paddock has the following uses:

  • a safe place for horses to gather, eat, and drink
  • an arena to preform ground training exercise, except lunging
  • a safe wash & grooming place with great drainage
  • generous area for turn out when pastures are muddy or to limit grazing while the grasses grow



Between the paddock and the pasture is the Paddock Patio so that anyone can sit and have their morning coffee or evening wine and enjoy the beauty of horses while they graze and relax you.  The view is southward and thus looks out into the open prairie.  If you bring your binoculars in the early morning, you may see some coyotes, deer, turkeys, quail, or other beautiful wildlife in the Conservation Prairie Reserve.






Please take a gallery look at our Horsehouse and it's views.